At ESG our values are at the heart of everything we do. As we continue grow to and adapt, our values stay the same. They are the foundation of our culture, business strategy and client relations.



People First

As a business with strong family roots, people always come first. Whether it be our customers, partners or our staff, at Europasonic we go the extra mile to ensure all parties are happy. When following this principle, both business and personal success inevitably follow.



Value for money

At ESG we are well aware that money does not grow on trees. Being mindful of our customer’s budgetary constraints, we offer a wide range of the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Feel free to check out our ever growing range.




They say you can always count on your family. The same principle applies here. ESG’s family ethos means that we take pride in providing a reliable service with open channels of communication. Our supply chain maintenance system is one of the many examples of why so many retailers have placed their trust in us.




Our forward thinking community has been the driving force behind the company’s remarkable growth. We believe in constantly pushing back the limits of our knowledge, whether it be exploring new markets or reaching out to new customers.



Supply Chain Maintenance 

Our state of the art tracking system follows products through every stage of the delivery process. With reliability at the forefront of our minds, we work tirelessly to ensure fast and efficient transport between the supplier, manufacturer and consumer. Take pleasure from knowledge that we follow all products from the drawing board to your doorstep.



Quality Assurance

As a mass importer of goods, we work alongside leading manufacturers around the world. As a socially responsible business, we are well aware of the potential risks associated with importing goods. As such, ESG are not only a member of Sedex, but also have a dedicated Quality Assurance team. Our QA team takes pride in regularly visiting our manufactures to ensure that both professional and ethical standards are maintained.




Children in Need

Since 1980, Children in Need has raised over £600 million for disabled children and has made a real difference to children’s lives across the UK. As a company that puts people first, Europasonic is a proud supporter of Children in Need. Alternatively, if you would like to get involved support this wonderful charity, please visit their website.