Welcome to the September and October ESG newsletter!

It’s been a busy few months here at ESG with all departments working hard on several restructuring projects. The addition of many new faces throughout the company has made for an interesting dynamic in the office. The sales team have moved around bringing new perspectives and approaches on existing accounts. The showrooms and sales office are a hive of activity filled with visitors and new product proposals.

The buying team have been out to China again and this always means lots of new exciting products to be added to the ESG portfolio. John and his team are busy reworking and redesigning the Hairy Bikers, Daewoo and Fine Elements products to bring even more value for money and quality to market. Meanwhile, Luke and the design team have been rushed off their feet finishing cooling concepts and packaging designs for new releases while feverishly working on stand design concepts for Spring Fair 2019.

The E commerce team have been going from strength to strength with the addition of David and Patrick who now complete Matt’s team. Marketing have been busy arranging the stands for 2019 and pushing brand awareness on all social media channels. The biggest news was the visit from the big man himself Si King, who came in to cast his eye of the new fantastic Hairy Bikers range that John and the Buying team have been quietly putting together. The meeting was a great success and everyone is very excited https://epilepsy.wales/zithromax-online for its release in 2019.

Thanks again from all at ESG!