Welcome to the ESG newsletter (World Cup edition)

It’s coming home!

No, not the World Cup. The Nando’s voucher for the ESG office decorating competition.

To get into the spirit of the World Cup, each department has been randomly allocated a country and given the task of decorating their desks accordingly. A few eyebrows were raised when the Design Department drew Switzerland, but as you can see, their ingenuity knows no limits. The high stakes have clearly got to the Finance Department (Portugal). Rumours are, they have been tinkering with the company’s accounts to finance their impressive cut out of Cristiano Ronaldo. All jokes aside, may the best department win.

Now back to business. This month ESG travelled down to London to attend the Exclusively Shows at the Business Design Centre. With stands at both Exclusively Housewares and Exclusively Electricals, our sales team were kept busy over the two days. We took this year’s shows as an opportunity to showcase some of our latest products, including the new coordinated range. A range of SDA’s with a homely aesthetic.

In other news, ESG would like to welcome our new starters. To support the company’s continued expansion, we have brought some new faces on board, including  John Knight (Buying Director) and Matt Abdy (E-Commerce Director). Head over to the Meet the Team section for more information on our new starters.

Also, we would like to congratulate Michael Pass and Hannah Morse for their recent feature in Achieve Magazine. The pair have been recognised by Salford City College for their fine work for ESG. Head over to Achieve for an exclusive interview with the pair of young talents.