Now the festive period is over and we are all rested after the New Year, I thought it might be a good time to update you all on what’s new with ESG.

Upcoming Shows

NEC Spring Fair

The preparation for the shows are going well and the stand is going to be a huge step up from past years.The aim is to show our customers and competitors that ESG is going from strength to strength. This year is the first year the design department have taken the lead on designing the stand. The impact for ESG and it’s associated brands should be much higher than past years due to the new stand layout. New brands such as Carnaby which brings a fantastic stylish tableware range and Astoria’s coordination range will take pride of place next to the freshly revamped Hairy Bikers, Daewoo and Prochef brands. Real thought has gone into the orientation of the stand to maximise footfall.

Ambiente, Chicago & Exclusively Housewares

ESG will be exhibiting at Ambiente in February. On exhibit this year will be the new Hairy Bikers SDA and Housewares collection alongside the all new Carnaby tableware brand. A selection of Wilkinson 1888 bakeware will complete the stand and we’re expecting to all go well.

ESG will be taking a selection of the new Daewoo range to Chicago this year. Our main aim it to bring the Daewoo brand to market in the US.

While we are exhibiting at Exclusively, much is yet to be confirmed to watch this space.


Other News

New Brands

We have a number of new brands that have just hit our warehouse or will be soon, here is a quick overview of what’s new on the brand front!

  • Carnaby (Tableware)
  • Astroia (Coordination range)
  • Ice Master (Fridge/Freezer)
  • Flame Master (Fire suits)
  • LUXE (SDA)

The website will be having a total change in early March. The main site will be leaned down and made a lot sleeker. Brands will be more prominantly placed than they are currently and it will be made a lot easier to edit from our side. Outdated and expired catalouges and links will be removed in favour of our new information. New warranty webstires have been set up which means customers can register their warranties online and access instruction manuals. Once compelte this will bring us in line with curent laws.

Buying, QA & Sales

John and his team have been working hard sourcing new and improved products for each brand on the run up to the show. The new homewares range and the constant expanding audtio range are sure to raise eyebrows within the industry during the coming months. QA have a nice shiny new testing room and feverishly working in the background to test all the new products ready for launch.

Sales are preparing for the show planning their diaries and psyching themselves up for a week of non-stop selling. Good luck and we are all looking to you in the coming weeks.

Thanks from all at ESG!

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