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Spring 2019 – Show Update

Spring 2019 – Show Update

8th March 2019
  Show season is well underway, three shows have been completed and one is well underway. A special thank you...
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January 2019 Newsletter..

7th March 2019
Now the festive period is over and we are all rested after the New Year, I thought it might be...
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September/ October Newsletter..

2nd November 2018
Welcome to the September and October ESG newsletter! It's been a busy few months here at ESG with all departments...
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July / August Newsletter..

5th September 2018
  Welcome back to the ESG monthly newsletter. Exciting times at ESG over the past few months. The whole office...
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Newsletter: May/June 2018

28th June 2018
Welcome to the ESG newsletter (World Cup edition) It's coming home! No, not the World Cup. The Nando's voucher for...
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Newsletter: April 2018

4th May 2018
  Welcome back to the ESG company newsletter. This month we will be focussing on technology and consumer behaviour. Before...
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Top 3 Kitchen Trends 2018

11th April 2018
    So, you're wondering which products are going to be the most popular this year. You decide to read...
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Newsletter: March 2018

3rd April 2018
    Welcome back! We hope you had a refreshing Easter break. The March 2018 newsletter includes a summary of the...
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Newsletter: February 2018

8th March 2018
    Welcome back to the Europasonic company newsletter. Or should I say, the ESG company newsletter. No. Not quite...
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Newsletter: December/January 2018

25th January 2018
  For all those keen readers who were disappointed not to see our December issue, fear not! We have combined...
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Newsletter: November 2017

29th November 2017
    Welcome to the first ESG company newsletter! Europasonic newsletters will be released on a monthly basis, keeping you...
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Welcome back!

13th November 2017
    We are pleased to announce that our new website is now live! Since the launch of the old...
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Thank you Daewoo!

24th October 2017
  We would just like to give a big thanks to our trusted partner; Daewoo. Founded in 1971 in South...
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Brexit and the Homewares Market

23rd October 2017
  Hard, soft, boiled or fried? As trade negotiations between the UK and EU intensify, cautiousness has crept back into...
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